THE SELF-SUFFICIENT CITY ECOLES SYSTEM: Envisioning the habitat of the future.

We offer a fundamentally new type of buildings for the urban environment of 21 century, using technology © EcoLes System ® (
BIO MODUL ECOLES-is a housing unit, one or two-tiered, various sizes, in this case, we propose a module size of 24 m by 10 m, designed for living family of 2-3 persons.
The main idea is that such a modular system by various combinations allows to build environmentally friendly buildings of wood of almost any height and area, depending on the location and design problems.
Technology construction is as follows: the modules are strung one after another by crane onto the concrete core diameter of 6.5 meters, which are communication (with a personal elevator access, stairs to the fire escape, utilities). Each module can rotate around its axis at the request of tenants, thereby changing the view from the window of your favorite side. In a module tenants can get through the elevator. Over the last floor mounted unit with solar panels and a reservoir for heating water. In areas of the planet, where a small number of sunny days on the top floor can be installed wind power plants, or other device to receive energy from the environment. All modules are identical and assembled in factory conditions, rods and also have a certain length and can be expanded with each other through connections with special couplings.
This architecture can be called dynamic, while at the same time close to nature, by analogy with the tree branches and leaves which stretch to the sun. By rotating modules dynamically changing the appearance of the building. This module can be either completely non-volatile, self-sufficient and connected to the city networks. The module uses energy-saving glass with impregnation of ceramic dust, thanks to this space is less heated, a large amount of sunlight refracted.
Barcelona, Spain
A project by: Architrave-Studio