How does this work

The invention  Ecoles System will increase the capacity builders and architects in solving many problems. The whole idea originated in the study of market profiled glued timber. The main object of the invention is not building from scratch, and improvement or expansion of the area has already finished building.

Designer to build the walls and beams of the universal timber. Installation of walls can produce only one person without much skill in building. Weight timber is designed for physical ability of one person. It is convenient to carry on any kind of transport. Dimensions are designed to lift the elevator.
Production generic timber may be located on a small area 20 to 50 m2

Ability to manufacture large beams to length on site

Standard size and can facilitate technological holes to a minimum design and installation of walls and structures
More than a thousand new forms and solutions in architecture
Ability to build and privilege of any person for this is the system Ekoles

Possibility of assembling individual parts of the walls in place with the subsequent installation
Ability to manufacture traffic strikers of durable and environment-friendly material

Ability to manufacture more than 10 different kinds of designs of universal timber

Colours universal timber will allow the exterior appearance of structures

Creating a highly aesthetic building material
c wide range of architectural features in the wooden construction. Our primary goal is not so much on the path of the real continuity as demonstrate its unlimited range of flexibility, complete freedom in the interpretation of the external shape .. Ecoles System

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